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Health Care Programs

To afford Health care facility in India, is the biggest challenge, especially for the underprivileged section of the society. We at Aspiration, make sure that each and every individual who are working with us are healthy and are working in a healthy environment. We have appointed a permanent doctor on our board, DR. B N SINGHwho has a 30 years of work experience in UK (London) and will treat our artisan's/artisan's family/friends/staff, free of cost and all the expenses will be bear by us.
Medical Health Camps
To ensure that all the artisans are healthy, Aspiration organizes Medical Health Camps for the artisans, artisan's family and also for the people who are associated with Aspiration.

Dr. BN Singh has been treating our artisans, over video calls and calls since the outbreak of covid19 in India, as many of our artisans got affected by the wave and have successfully treated all of them. All our artisans are free to call the Dr. for consultation.
First Aid Training
We at Aspiration makes sure that all our artisans, family, staff should get First Aid Training asit provides help to the people with the ability during emergency situations. If someone ingests dangerous substances or suffers health-related problem like heart attack, or if a natural disaster occurs, a person trained in the first aid becomes an invaluable support for the victim. We have a tie up with St. Johns, where they come and train each and every individual about what to do in case of Emergency.
One of the first things we focus while learning about first aid is that, every individual must look after themselves and ensure their own safety as a priority. It's not being selfish, it's being practical. Keeping themselves safe means they are in a position to help others rather than needing help yourself. They also learn about the importance of healthy living and how lifestyle habits and choices can increase or decrease the risks of developing problems such as coronary heart disease. Having this knowledge makes them more aware of their own health and alert to potential hazards posed by surroundings.