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Aspiration International always work towards the betterment of the society and also for the artisans associated with us. Creating opportunities for the skilled artisans and helping them to grow is always our priority. We are working with many artisans directly or indirectly and we always make sure that they are not facing any kind of issue, be it financially, physically or mentally. Once in a while, all our artisans come along at Aspiration International Warehouse and revise all the Fair Trade principles and why Fair Trade is important.
We believe, wherever we stand right now is all because of our hardworking skilled artisans. We encouraged them, motivate them to grow. In case of any emergency, we offer Interest free loan to all our artisans without the time limit so that they don't have to take loan from outside and don't have to worry about the interest or time frame. Recently, one of our artisan's workshop and machinery was destroyed because of the water logging, we offered him Interest free Loan to build up his workshop again and continue working without worying.